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Choco & Sweets Scrunchie
Choco & Sweets Scrunchie
Choco & Sweets Scrunchie

Choco & Sweets Scrunchie

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♦️ Features: Choco & Sweet Scrunchie

How to care for your scrunchie?
1. Take a small amount of detergent or hair shampoo
2. Gently hand wash your scrunchie in cold water 
3.  Rinse and squeeze off excess water
4. Hang them out to dry in a sunny spot!
Why should we wash our scrunchies?
Worn scrunchies collect sweat, oil, and sebum from our hair, just like how we need to wash our hair, our scrunchies need some love and care as well! It is not only hygienic but also a great way to maintain the shine in the satin scrunchie. 

Note: All photos were taken in natural light, the colors of the products will vary slightly.

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